Frequently Asked Questions

Triviafy your workspace.

Does Triviafy offer a free trial?

Yes. All new teams automatically receive a 30-day free trial (4 weekly Triviafy quizzes). No credit card is necessary.

How long will it take for my team to set up Triviafy?

Each team member can setup their Triviafy account in less than 50 seconds. View Slack Setup.

How many people am I limited to per Triviafy team?


What is the minimum number of team members needed to participate in the weekly Triviafy quiz?

There is no minimum requirement, you can sign up and complete the weekly Triviafy quiz all alone if you wish.

What if people cheat on the weekly Triviafy quiz?

Team members are putting their own workplace reputation at risk when they cheat. Do you really want to be thought of as the dishonest person at work?

Can we customize our company's weekly Triviafy quiz?

Triviafy is fully customizable. Personalize your team’s quizzes with custom questions, categories, difficulty, number of questions, and timeframe.

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